Semonggoh Orangutan and wildlife Centre

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Just 20 kilometers south of Kuching, there is a natural habitat which acts as a home to Orangutans. The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre of Semenggoh Nature Reserve is by far the biggest Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sarawak. Back in 1975, it was established as a sanctuary for Orangutans who are injured, orphaned or being kept captive as illegal pets.

Currently, the centre serves as a habitat for the Orangutans and also a place for visitors to learn about the endangered rare species. This wildlife centre has a thriving population of healthy adolescent and young adult semi-wild Orangutans. They spend most of their time roaming the forest but are trained to get back to the centre during feeding times where they will be able to get a free meal from the caretakers. Though they have been trained to get back to the centre during feeding time, they may not appear to get a free meal during the forest fruiting season.

Orangutans eating banana in Semonggoh

Besides orangutans, Semenggoh Nature Reserve is also a habitat for rare flora and fauna including the giant squirrel, pigmy squirrel, gibbons and splendid variety of birds. The howling of gibbons, the chirping of birds and the chattering of Orangutans make the nature reserve an ideal place for nature lovers.

Sarawak Government established Sarawak Forestry to position Sarawak at the forefront of sustainable forest management and conservation. Since 2003, Semenggoh Nature Reserve had been administrated and cared for by SARAWAK FORESTRY.

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