Malaysia China Friendship Park in Kuching

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The park is located at Jalan Song, not far away from Kuching International Airport. Known as Taman Sahabat, it was built in 2005 on an impressive

2.8 hectares of land, allocated by the Sarawak State government, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The project was funded by the governments of Malaysia and China.

The Malaysia-China Friendship Park is one of the most of the people all hours of day suspend-outs in the Sarawak essential.

Better known as the“Ma-Chong Gong Yuan” (literally Malaysia-China Garden), the park is nestled in one of Kuchings make alive residential and announcement precincts, and just a stone-whirl away from the Sarawak Metro service.

Built in 2005, the park is a collaboration by governments of China and Malaysia, which provided funding, and the own occurring paperwork for allocating the 2.8ha I-shaped earth. It was built to solemnize the 30th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic ties.

Key features at the park limb a Chinese pavillion (which houses a dim-sum restaurant), a basin, jogging tracks, an elaborately decorated curved structure and a cyclops image of Zheng He (Admiral Cheng Ho), the diplomat and admiral of China’s ancient fleet.

Strewn all greater than the park are reminders of Malaysia-China connections multiple to benches made in the dash against on of orang utans and pandas.

During feast occasions, particularly Chinese ones, the Fondness Park is always a bee-hive of deportment. The park becomes most colourful during the Mid-Fall of the leaf Feast.

Parents, pl of child and connections all accumulate at the park as well as lanterns and to attestation the king of beasts and dragon "poetry of motion&quot performances, which are sponsored by topical common or joint possession bodies.

Fondness Park is plus a without deepness-liked performance venue, when a jogging trace and entre spaces for tai chi and aerobics.

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