Damai Beach – A beautiful tourist destination

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Damai Beach is one of the most visited and loved destinations by both locals and tourists.  It is located at the tip of Mount Santubong and faces South China Sea. It is 40-45 minutes’ drive from Kuching city and one-hour drive from Airport.

While walking through the seaside of Damai Beach you will notice big hornbill statue facing the sea, The Rhinoceros Hornbill is the Sarawak`s symbol and famous landmark to attract more visitors and place to take pictures with your family and friends.

On the way to Damai Beach you can have a stop at Sarawak Cultural Village where you can explore local ethnic groups by seeing longhouse replicas, programs & cultural performances.

Damai beach is a perfect weekend gateway from the city rush. Serenity and tranquility of the morning water, and playful sunny day at the beach never misses its target. Glad your loved ones and enjoy the peaceful sounds of breath-taking waves.


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