10 Things to do to stay fit in 2020

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1. Find your perfect water bottle

If I don’t love the container I’m drinking my water out of, I won’t make the habit of refilling it every day. It sounds weird, but once you find your favorite water bottle, you’ll understand what I’m saying. 

2.Stop working in your bed

I’m constantly working in my bed (currently writing this from my bed — moving to my desk right now!). So, it’s no surprise when it comes to bedtime, all I can think about is how much work I have to do. Make it a habit to leave bed for sleep and work for literally anywhere else. This goes for eating, too!

3.Get more sunshine

Get that Vitamin D, girl! Now that it’s winter, the sun isn’t out as much as it used to be. Try a sun lamp for your desk to keep the light and your spirits high!

 4.Wake up early for self-care

Give yourself some extra time in the morning for the things you love, whether that’s a barre class, a gourmet breakfast, or some time with your new favorite book.

5.Turn your phone off an hour before bed

The harsh blue light from my phone and computer screens can make falling asleep difficult. Prioritize your sleep (and getting rid of those dark circles) by putting your phone out of sight for the hour before bed. An hour doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll get so much done in that hour away from your phone!

6.Make your diet and workout routine work for your lifestyle

If getting up at 5am to go to a spin class sounds crazy to you, you don’t have to do it! Decide on a fitness schedule and diet that work with your own lifestyle already. You’re more likely to stick with a routine if it matches how you already live your life.

 7.Stop drinking your calories in coffee

A cup of coffee with non-fat milk and sugar contains about 80 calories. While this doesn’t sound like much, it adds up! You could eat a chocolate chip cookie for that, and honestly, I’d prefer the cookie.

8.Plan your grocery shopping and meal plan at the same time

Ever since I downloaded our trusty meal plan and grocery shopping lists (I’m obsessed!!), I’ve been doing them both at the same time. I scour Pinterest and our meal prep articles (again — obsessed) and as I find recipes I want to make, I add all the ingredients to my grocery list at the same time. It saves you time and makes sure you’re trying out new recipes!

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9.Try a wellness trend

Go hit the Gym or start doing some exercises in your home or office. It will keep you fit and refreshen your busy life.

10.Take a social media break

Sometimes, you just have to get off your phone. Give yourself some time in your day to swap the social media scrolling for self-care. And control your time of using social media.


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