Sematan ~ An awesome place to stay for holidays with family and friends

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  Sematan is located in Lundu district of Sarawak.  It is approximately 67.5 kilometres (42 mi) far from capital city Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. It will take around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Sematan from Kuching.  Sematan (also known as Simatan) is a nice fishing village with beautiful beaches and exciting outdoor activities such as banana boat, volleyball at beach, and also you can rent bicycles for reasonable prices. 

 Sematan is an awesome destination for holidays with your family and friends. Luckily, there are good resorts near beach.  For full relaxation you can book chalets, terraces with mesmerizing Seaview (South China Sea). Nothing beats waking up early morning, sitting on your veranda and enjoying sunrise with hot tea/coffee, full relaxation, only you and nature …

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