The first and largest captive breeding crocodile farm in Malaysia

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  The Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo is a crocodile farm  in Siburan, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Crocodile farm is located 29 km (18 ½ mi) from Kuching, 20 it is minutes’ drive from the city.

  In crocodile farm visitors can see the skull of Bujang Senang known as the largest crocodile which was ever caught in Sarawak history. However, visitors can see hundreds of rare species of birds which only exist in Borne Island and also inhabitants of Farm and Zoo are monkeys, leopard-cats, sun bears, bear cats, pheasants, civets, barking deers, sambar deers, turtles, fruit bats, monitor lizards, pythons, southern cassowary and you can even witness one of the largest fresh water fishes in the World, the Arapaima. Lenghs of these fishes can be more and 10 feet and weight can reach up to 190 kg

  The most exciting is show at farm, where Giant crocodiles can jump so high from water to catch the dangling chicken above them. Many guest of farm find feeding show is found the best part of their visit to The Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

Watch The Video of Jong’s Crocodile FARM:






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