Things to do before coming to Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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1) Documents. Make sure everything is managed. Check your passport`s expire date (must be more than 6 months). Visa (if required)
2) First-Aid Kit. All for you to stay safe.
3) Print your bookings (Return ticket, hotel booking). Not every officer might accept your digital booking and phones are usually not allowed at counter, so better choose safe side.
4) Book your accommodation before arrival. You might be asked about your place to stay at airport passport counter and the most important for your own good.
5) Do medical check-ups, if required.
6) Check weather forecast, you might find yourself in the middle of rainy season, while you came for sunny vacations.
7) Appropriate clothes. Due to hot and humid weather in Kuching, clothes should be breathable, easy to dry and lighter shades of colour. Fabrics preferable for your attire could be of cotton, linen or rayon. When you go to swim, I would personally recommend to wear full body swimwear to be safe from jelly fish.
8) Hygiene and skincare products. If you wish to bring some of it in your hand carry, make sure each bottle is not bigger than 50 or 100ml but preferably to keep in your luggage. Sun protection. To avoid sun burn and early wrinkles.
9) Insect repellent. Nature comes with cost such as mosquitos. Use insect repellent before going for hiking or before going to beach.
10) Sunglasses and sun hats. To protect yourself from direct sunlight.
11) Comfortable shoes. Kuching is full of attractions and exciting destinations. For city you may need casual, far hiking special sneakers and for beach flip flops are good; depending where you are heading within Sarawak.
12) Get to learn local traditions and customs to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassments.
13) Money. Make sure to withdraw some cash. We are living in digital World; cards are being accepted everywhere but some transactions might not be accepted or some vendor or shops may only accept cash.
14) Travel adapter. In Sarawak the power plugs and sockets are Type G; 3 pin
15) Camera/Video camera to capture happy moments.

Enjoy your stay in Cat City. Take care!

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