Sarawak Cultural Village ~ Every tourist must go

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  Sarawak Cultural Village is must see destination for tourists to be introduced about the local culture and experience lifestyles of the various ethnic groups of Sarawak by seeing longhouse replicas, programs and cultural performances. It is located opposite of Damai beach and it It is 40-45 minutes’ drive from Kuching city.

  Location is very pleasant to walk among different types long houses surrounded with beautiful nature.  The village provides lots of opportunities to experience Sarawak`s cultural diversity.

  The houses are made from wooden and interiors are unusual. While entering those house some you might have a chance to taste some local foods or try some activities. However, some houses located in high positions and ladders must be used which can be challenging for our dear guests who use wheelchairs and for moms with small kids.


  After walking in hot weather you might want some air-conditioned place. For that Sarawak Cultural Village has its own theater where dancers and musician perform. There are two cultural performances each day at 11:30 am and at 4 pm.

Have a nice day at Sarawak Cultural Village!

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