Cat City`s first cat café

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  If you opened this article, perhaps you are cat person like me. Is not it amazing to see two times cat in one title. Cats have special quality to bring joy, capture our hearts and make us fall in love with their charm.


  Research has indicated that felines are good for our health and well-being and it can be healing as well.  A 10-year research study tells that people who own cats have less chance to die from heart attack than people have never owned one. However, studies also approve that cats have abilities to lower blood pressure and release dopamine and serotonin hormones which will reduce stress and increase immune system.


  Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to own a cat. Reasons can be various: due to work which requires frequent business trips, not being home for long time due to studies, one of family members can have allergy for fur. Do not despair there is always solution for any problems.

Luckily, Cat city has its own cat café named Meow-Meow. Cat café is located at Sin Yen garden, Kuching, Sarawak, but be mindful it is closed on Mondays. Entrance fee is RM 10. Free drinks are provided. At this café you can come with family and friends and even you can celebrate birthday, hen parties. Theme for party is already ready.

You will absolutely love exotic felines of Meow Meow cat cafe


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