Natural History Museum (Muzium Sejarah Semulajadi)

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  Natural History Museum is located in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Sarawak is famous for its rich flora and fauna. This museum gives opportunity for visitors get to see natural history of not only Sarawak but also of Borneo as well. Building where museum is situated once was serving as administrative offices. Gallery is not so big but informative. The chance to see species that may be extinct or near extinction at this museum will be memorable experience.

Skeletons of deer, of orangutan, probiotics monkey (male and female), Bornean pig and huge snake are on present. Also part of display is the largest known clam Tridacna gigas ever in Malaysia. Clam is very huge and heavy.  Its length is 80 cm! The clam is now being grown commercially for sustenance to decrease collecting from the wild.

Man-eater Crocodile has its own sad story. 26 years ago this cold-blooded animal attacked and killed a man in Samarahan River. Reptile was caught in an operation called “ Operasi Merayu” to kill and stop man-eater from future potential attacks on innocent people. It was skinned treated and preserved through two weeks of taxidermy works. It was further cured for a month before being placed for exhibition in the gallery. 







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