First Established University in Sarawak

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  The University of Malaysia (UNIMAS) is first university in Sarawak and eighth in Malaysia was established in 1993 to offer courses for students. UNIMAS is located in Kota Samarahan (approximately 25 km far from Kuching), Sarawak, Malaysia.

  In 1993 learners were registered to new faculties, the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology. Next year (1994) the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Information Technology were added for degree courses. Number of workers and students increased 4 times more. Profile of the University became better as most faculties started to offer postgraduate programs. Research conducts launched with starting institution of Biodiversity and Environment Conservation, which focuses on Bornean rich flora and fauna. Many Universities from other countries started to link as well. The Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy UNIMAS, gained an agreement for EIA study of the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, the biggest ever EIA project in the country. The period from January 1995 and the end of 1996was fruitful for research structure of the university. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (1995) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (1996) started to be offered for students. The total number of faculties was achieved as initially planned.

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