What makes Kuching attractive

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  Kuching has an abundance of scenic beauty. The spellbinding beauty of the Kuching sky is undeniable. Nature’s brilliant strokes of orange, pink and purple paint the sky remarkably beautiful at dawn and dusk. White and grey foam-like clouds of various forms and shapes entrance the beholders during the day while at night, this job is equally well performed by the bright and seemingly large moon. The fact that Kuching abounds with nature’s beauty is evident not only by its sky but also by its abundant lush green trees. Moreover, Kuching provides an easy access to the captivating Damai beach. The beach offers spectacular sights exhibiting the combination of the limitless sea, uncountable trees and enthralling mountains.       

  Food is another major attraction of Kuching. There is a range of food options available at various places in accordance with the eating-out culture of the locals.

 The local people of Kuching also add to the pleasant experience of life in this city. Mostly, the people are equipped with such skills of interpersonal communication that they can strike a balance between being friendly and professional simultaneously. Last but not the least are the shopping opportunities offered by Kuching. From street bazaars to megamalls, there is something to suit everyone’s budget.   


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