Borneo – The World`s third largest island.

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9 Facts about Borneo 

1) Borneo is the World`s third largest island ( after  Greenland and New Guinea) and largest in Asia.

2) Borneo is the only island in the world to be politically administered by three countries at a time: Indonesia, Malaysia and Sultanate of Brunei.

3) The island is known by names such as Pulau Borneo and Kalimantan.


4) Borneo is home to one of the oldest rainforests (approximately 140 million years old)  in the world.

5) Demonyms ( residents, natives)  for Borneo is Borneans.

6) There are over 200 different tribal languages spoken on the island of Borneo.


7) Borneo has 20 large cities with high population. 

8) Borneo is one of the most bio-diverse destinations in the World with rich flora and fauna.

9) Borneo’s economy depends mainly on agriculture, logging and mining, oil and gas, and ecotourism.



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