Visit Maludam National Park in Kuching

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Maludam National Park

  Maludam National Park Covers an area of432 square kilometres  and is the second largest National Park in Sarawak. It is located on the Maludam Peninsula between the Lupar and Saribas rivers and encompasses the largest single patch of peat swamp forest remaining in Sarawak and Brunei. It has the only viable population of Red Banded Langurs ( Presbytis chrysomelas cruiger ) remaining in the world today. It is also home to sizeable populations of proboscis monkeys and silver leaf monkeys, as well as many fascinating bird species.


  Maludam is not officially open to visitors and has no visitor facilities. However, it may be visited by boat from Kampung  Maludam, with guests overnighting in the village homestay. Contact Borneo Transverse, Tel: 082-257882,, or Greatown Travel, 084-219243,


Getting there

  • To get to Maludam, visitors shall drive about 170 kilometers from Sri Aman, bypassing the small town of Pusa
  • Crossing the Batang Saribas on a ferry before continuing to Kampung Maludam.
  • The coastal road ends at Triso, a small village by the sea.
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