Tanoti ~ A House of Sarawakian hand-craft

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  Tanoti House on Jalan Tabuan (1sr right after the Inland Revenue Academy) is an assembly of Sarawakian female weavers and artists committed to produce, promote and multiply hand-crafted fabrics, songket textiles. This society of craftswomen who do not stop, continue growing has its own roots in exploration and growth workshop set up by establishment of Her Royal Highness the Queen of Malaysia in 2008, the Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah. The factory was privatised in 2012 pursuant to a restructuring exercise undertaken by the foundation. Tanotis`s aim is to improve well-being and lives of women from rural areas through art of songket weaving. Vison of Tanoti is to pass Sarawakian craft to next generations, so next generation will be able to reap enjoyment of, and benefit from, the craft of their forefathers. Vision of Tanoti is artisanal skills will be protected and passed so the craft will have flourish again. Monetary benefits will be gained by communities in rural and remote village which are involved in crafting. Practical careers will be developed and establishment of ecosystem im heritage will be vibrant. For viable careers to be developed and vibrant ecosystems to be established around heritage craft. However, it is excellent chance for local craft industry to do good contribution for the economy and international trade.

Visitors are welcome but need to call first or get more information at https://tanoticrafts.com/.

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