Eating out in Kuching

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  Kuching has a great deal to offer the adventurous gourmet. As well as typical Malaysian and Western fare, there is a whole range of local delicacies worth trying. At the last count there were over thousand food outlets in Kuching.

Youtube page named  ”Awesome Bites” has videos of delicious food of Kuching, Sarawak.


Coffee shops

Coffee-shops with their attendant food-stalls are dotted all over town. Some of the most interesting and traditional ones are found around Jln Carpenter, Main Bazaar, Jln Ban Hock and Jln Padungan, the coffee shops on Lebuh Temple are conveniently located near the budget hotels on Jln Green Hill, and serve a wide selection of dishes, including good roasted chicken rice (Green Hill Café). At lunchtimes, many coffee shops serve economy rice, mixed rice, fast food or nasi campur.


These are four different names for the same dish- a plate of rice with portions of meat, fish, curry and vegetables selected from the delicacies on display. Cheap (RM 4-8), delicious and very filling.


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