Kuching-The Capital of Sarawak

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Kuching Waterfront


Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, is situated on the wider island of Borneo, which is part of eastern Malaysia. Everyone who has visited Sarawak is going to find that it feels much more different in many way, and Kuching, particularly, is one of the prettiest places in the region due to its strategic location on the snake-like Sarawak River. With it’s natural beauty, including rainforest, waterfalls, beaches, and more with Bako National Park bordering the city along the waterfront, Kubah National Park and Matang Family Park.


The city is renowned for hosting a variety of native peoples, including the Iban, Bidayuh and the Dayaks, and tourists flock here to know more about Malaysia’s special culture. The highlight of a visit to Borneo is the opportunity for many tourists to visit a typical longhouse and to see how people existed in ancient times. History enthusiasts often may spend time visiting a number of museums throughout the city and historic structures, often dated back to the colonial period.



James (later Sir James) Brooke established the city in 1839, and created the Brooke Raj and has been the governor of the Sarawak. On the forest south side of the muddy crocodile-infested Sarawak River, he built the town’s first European model home.



Cat Statue, Kuching

You may also be surprised to find that Kuching is covered in statues of cats, and the reason for this is said to have been the result of miscommunication during the colonial period when locals were asked the name of the city and thought that James Brooke, the first British Rajah of Sarawak, was being pointed to a cat. The Malay word for cat, and the rest is history, when they answered ‘kucing‘. Whether the story ‘s true or not, anyone who loves felines should ensure that they do not miss a journey to the statues that adorn the town and the Cat Museum.


You must check out the famous wildlife of the area on every visit to the city, and watch the orangutans eat at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve, an simple bus ride from the city centre. Or you can use grab or maxim which could be more time friendly. People can enjoy the beach along with activities such as music festivals and a vibrant bar scene in Santubong, a short distance from the capital.


The city also famous for a festival. Guess what? – The Rainforest World Music Festival. The three-week Kuching festival (music, entertainment and a gob-smacking food fair) to take place in July, while musicians from Chile, Bhutan, Mauritius, Iran, India and a lot more from the globe will come here. People from all over the world come to enjoy the festival with local vibes.

Author ~ Fahmid Raghib Avraw

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