Best cultural festivals in Borneo/Sarawak you should check out!

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  Borneo is not only renowned for its beauty and wildlife, but the largest island in the world. For visitors it’s also an excellent option for cuisine and diverse festivals. The friendly people sure know how to dance, which typically makes the festivals more exciting activities for locals and international tourists, with food, music and fun times. In Borneo you ‘re able to find festivals almost every year, with an experience that varies entirely from festivals in the rest of Malaysia. There’s always something to celebrate with such a mix of indigenous cultures and religions.


1. Rainforest World Music Festival 

  One of the main music festivals in Southeastern Asia has been the Rainforest World Music Festival. The three-day festival is held each year outside of Kuching, with bands from almost every continent. The day before the two big stages in the evening, musicians from all over the globe present their traditional instruments in workshops. Annually in July, the Rainforest Music Festival takes place.

Established in 1998, it is an annual big event in the state music calendar with a population of just 300 people, and has been awaited enthusiastically by over 20,000 people from national , regional and local areas. Especially in the afternoon sessions, this is an experience that is family-friendly. It has an environmental awareness record as shown by its tree trees, its recycling efforts and the use of shuttle buses to minimise carbon emissions.


Until now, it’s one of Sarawak’s biggest attractions for music lovers from around the world. In Kuching or at the gate tickets can be purchased.


2. Borneo Jazz Festival

  The Borneo Jazz is a jazz festival which takes place annually, one of the longest runners in the area in the seafront city of Miri in Coco Cabana. For two nights of world-class jazz concerts, thousands of jazz lovers flock to Miri in northern Sarawak. Well-known US, European and Asian artists earn the audience dancing rain or elegance. The festival incorporates youth activities and outreach projects to support young area artists. The entrance fee for a wonderful night of fun is a price worth paying. There is just a small amount of tickets at the entrance, but tickets can be bought in advance online.

3.Borneo International Kite Festival

  On 28 September – 2 October 2020 in Bintulu, Sarawak, Borneo ‘s 16th International Kite Festival 2020 will be held. The kites’ enthusiasts will teach their kite surfers something new and fly these beautiful works of art in the centre of the buzzing area. The massive open airport, facing the south of China Sea, of Old Bintulu Airport, offers a perfect flight environment for packages.

Amateurs and professionals will join the fun and many will also bring their whole family with them. This is inevitably also a festival for local residents, and some participants come from so far as Kuching, Sibu, Miri and also neighbouring Brunei and Sabah. 400 kiters of 25 countries are expected to participate annually in the kite festival.

The entrance is free.


4.Gawai Dayak

 One of the main festivals of Iban and other native tribes in Sarawak is the Gawai Dayak, also known as the Harvest Festival. This festival is one of the most enjoyable and exciting event in Sarawak due to its traditional costumes, ceremonial songs, chicken sacrificing and lots of local wines from rice.

The annual celebration of Gawai Dayak starts on sunset on May 31st across Sarawak. Around Kuching, the same location as the Rainforest Music Festival, the Sarawak Cultural Village is just one of the many locations where you can observe a good harvest. Half the enjoyment is trying traditional food in Kuching.


5.Borneo Cultural Festival

  Every July, 10 days of popular music, celebration, competition and even beauty are brought alive to the small town of Sibu in Sarawak. Sibu ‘s green town square remains inhabited by three plays. The Dayak drums and gongs bang on one stage, the performances of singing occupy the Chinese stage, whilst the chorus takes up the Malay stage.

Every year, about 20,000 people engage in a trade fair, art contest and a huge amount of food. An excellent place to hear about Sarawak ‘s ancestral music and history is the Borneo Cultural Festival.

Author: Raghib Fahmid Avraw

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