Things to do in Limbang Sarawak !

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Limbang Division is one of the twelve administrative divisions of Sarawak, Malaysia. It has a total area of 7,788.50 square kilometres, and is the fourth largest division after Kapit Division, Miri Division and Bintulu Division.

Limbang Division consists of two districts which are Limbang and Lawas, together with a single sub-district under Limbang (Ng. Medamit ) and two sub-districts under Lawas ( Sundar and Trusan ). Long Semadoh and BSemadoh and Ba`kelalan are rural settlements in the southern part of Lawas District.



Limbang Division is a melting pot of many cultures, including Malay, Kedayan, Chinese, Iban and various Orang Ulu ethnic groups such as Lun Bawang, Bisaya, Murut, Kelabit and Penan.


Limbang town

The town of Limbang is situated on the narrow strip of land that divides Brunei in two and located to the Purnama Hotel that offers a panoramic iew of the Limbang River.


Limbang Plaza

The tallest building in Limbang town and located at central of Limbang Commercial town

Limbang Plaza is occupied by state agencies office (level 4 to 8) and small outlet ( level 1 to 3).

Purnama Hotel are connected to this building and giving its guest a beautiful panoramic view of the Limbang River.

Some of outlet that inside of the building such as Sugar Bun, Pezzo, Chicken Rice Shop, Celcom Centre, Wang Lian (bread shop), Supermarket, Uncle Bob, Mr. DIY, PC outlet.

Operation hours: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm


Bangunan Tamu Limbang

The Tamu or market situated at the waterfront gets especially busy during weekends when traders and farmers bring their wares from the fertile hinterland. It also attracts many shoppers from Brunei.

  • The building is a major market for villagers to get various types of marine resources such as fish, crabs, squid, stingrays and local vegetables.
  • There are also variety of Sarawak traditional dry-cakes produced by the Limbang people themselves such as “Kuih Sapit” or “Sepit” sold here where they are made with various colors besides the original color.
  • Here are also the most popular products in Limbang, Tahai Fish. This Tahai fish has been commercialized as spicy or spicy sambal.

Operation hours: 6.00 am until 6.00 pm


Travel tips:

Across the building is Kampung Seberang Kedai ( floating village of Limbang). Tourist can went there with boat ‘perahu penambang” ( Costs; RM 1.00)

 Across the bank from from Limbang town is the water village of Kampung Seberang Kedai. Withinwalking distance is the Bukit Mas Lake Gardens, which includes the 210 m high limestone outcrop. It is well-worth the climb for its views of the surrounding landscape and spectacular.


Bukit Mas Lake Garden


Traveller Experience


  • Bukit Mas (golden hill) is a 210 meter high limestone outcrop.
  • A place for recreation and relaxation site for the public with barbecue site , toilets, children playground , lake and suspension bridge.
  • The view of the sunset from the top of the hill is very interesting
  • The ideal place for a wedding photo session


Limbang Museum

An old wooden fort built in 1897 has been converted into the Limbang Museum which has a collection of rare archeological finds and artefacts and showcases the history and culture of the people. Opens daily from 8 am to 5 pm and entrance is free.

Traveller Experience


  • The wooden Limbang Museum, 200 metres upriver of the Limbang River, has a modest collection of archeological finds and ethnic artifacts.
  • This museum building was an old fort which was built in 1897.
  • The original building was burnt down in 1989 and was rebuilt on the exact site maintaining the original design and architecture.
  • This Museum displays the history and culture of the people in this region such as bamboo band, salt making, beadwork, bark cloth, brassware, basketryand much more.


Limbang Raid Memorial

The Limbang Raid Memorial commemorates members of the Sarawak Constabulary and Britain`s Royal Marines who were killed during the Limbang Raid on 12 December 1962. The raid freed the town from the rebels of the pro-Indonesian North Kalimantan National Army.

Traveller Experience


  • The memorial is 400 m south of the centre, on the riverfront, across the street from the police station.


Kampung Meritam

The mud pools of Kampung Meritam (37 km away from Limbang town) features an unusual phenomenon of volcanic mudflows that form wide craters.

  There is plenty to do and see outside Limbang but the services of tour operators will be required.


         Limpaki Wetlands

Limpaki Wetlands (15 km from Limang town) offer plenty of opportunities to observe nature. While wildlife is often heard and not seen, there may be sightings of the proboscis monkey, crocodiles and fireflies.

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