How has quarantine affected our lives?

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The coronavirus has totally changed our lifestyle. Let’s look at something that has changed.

The work-from-home job force just got a big push from the current global pandemic. Some condemn work from home and someone does not like it, however, all those can still work just need to rejoice for the reason that millions of people, including parents who feed their families, were left without permanent work, and someone generally lost any source of income, so all those who still get up in the morning to open his laptop, phone, computer or whatever to start his working day are blessed ones. Also, you do not need to commute.

It means that you do not have to waste your time getting from your house to your work. You just need to get from your bed to your working space maybe it is a desk or computer table. Because of all this, there is also seemed to be less traffic in the cities. Consequently, pollution will decrease in favor of the environment. You can start something that you’ve never done before but always wanted to. Furthermore, you can learn something new. You can take new courses or start doing new hobbies for instance.   Moreover, you can make yourself a better person somehow.

People are able to do lots of amazing things that they could not do before since they did not have enough time. Besides, during the global crisis, there is a unique opportunity to do something prodigious and sensational, thereby following the example of many entrepreneurs and young guys who, despite the corona-crisis, were able to achieve tremendous success. Also, this global problematic situation made us see the real value of professions and what they worth.

We paid millions of dollars to football players, Instagram stars or just spheres where such amount of money was not such necessary. Instead of spending all this money in such way, they could be invested in the right directions like health care, social services, or just simply donate some cash for young explorers or even scientists who require pretty much facility for their work. As the result of lockdowns, quarantines all over the world, humanity met another major trouble face to face, and we named is as corona-crisis. Condition of global economics is poor and heavy, big corporations suffered multi-million losses. Small businesses have been most affected; the reason is that mostly they don’t have a financial cushion as huge companies.

One more time everybody showed their real souls, some people sent aid in international engagement while other ones corrupt and deal with swindle in already hard time. Ethical action and activism showed itself in its best. Also, we could see the international communications and what people can do to help others, loads of aid and care were sent. It was possibly the highest set of lack for last half century.

We must always be ready for unexpected troubles and whatever will happen never give up. Lockdown has entirely changed us and our worldview. We started to value plenty of things that we didn’t pay attention to before, even harder. Almost all of us realized how essential can be daily things as school or touch with friends in real life, I mean not through monitors and screens of mobile phones.

Nevertheless, we were taught prioritize our family and friends, uneasy times show who are temporary and people who accompanied you during this severe period.  In spite of the fact that we are getting through grueling times, we must preserve our loved ones. Nonetheless, even if you didn’t learn new skills or self-developed, going through this year is also an achievement.

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