Fresh Vegetable Delivery in Kuching & Miri

1 min reads is delivering fresh vegetables in Kuching, Kota Samarahan and Miri Sarawak in a few hours daily.

Why is it important to eat vegetables? Eating vegetables have health benefits, and people who eat more vegetables and fruits are likely to have a lower risk of some chronic diseases as part of an overall healthier diet. Vegetables contain nutrients that are vital for your body’s health and maintenance.

Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fibre, folate, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Folate is especially important for children’s health.


Ordering fresh vegetables online can help you be more purposeful with your food choices.

Nowadays, with the blessings of technology, life became easier. You can now get all of your favourite things in a moment without even going out of your home. is delivering all your needs in a few hours in Kuching, Kota Samarahan, Petra jaya, Batu kawa, Miri and surroundings.

In , they sincerely want to serve you and your loved ones by picking out farm-fresh vegetables which are grown locally and also the best quality sourced from Cameron highlands. Customer Satisfaction is their first priority. also sells a wide range of products besides vegetables. Which includes all your grocery items and daily needs. 

Being the first platform to introduce such a concept in Borneo, they hope they can do more to help keep the industry flourishing and sustainable.

As fresh vegetables price and volume fluctuate due to availability and seasonality, they work with the best suppliers to select the best fruits available in the season for you. This will not only ensure that you will be able to taste the freshest vegetables of the season, but also a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, delivers vegetables and groceries to your doorstep in a few hours. Enjoy their free delivery and other offers from time to time.

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