7 ways to get rid of Durian smell at home

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Love durians but despise the lingering odour on your finger, breath, refrigerator, and car? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered a list of solutions to get rid of the odour for good.

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1. Wash your hands with the durian husk or durian seed

There’s no better way to savour the king of fruits than by using your fingers to devour it. The disadvantage is that the durian’s aftertaste will cling to your fingertips until it’s time to move on. Regular handwashing will not help you get rid of the malodour, unlike the Covid-19 virus.

However, do you know what works? Using the husks or seeds of the durian to wash your hands. Start by cleaning your hands with soap, then rubbing your fingers on the husk or seed before repeating the process. While this won’t completely eliminate the odour, it will keep your fingertips from smelling like durian for the next few days.

2. Tie pandan leaves into a knot

Pandan leaves, a Malaysian culinary staple, are used in a variety of cuisines due to their sweet and delicate aroma. Aside from cooking, seasoned durian fans claim that the blade-like leaves are useful for reducing the unpleasant odour.

Simply tie a couple stalks of pandan leaves into a knot and store them where your durians are kept. They’re especially useful in small spaces like the refrigerator. This procedure can also be used to get rid of durian odour in a car.

3. Place a bag of charcoal in the fridge

Bamboo charcoal is an incredible product. This natural deodorizer can get rid of any stench, including the infamous durian stink. Simply throw a bag of bamboo charcoal in your refrigerator, and the odour will go in no time.

4. Use an airtight container

To keep the scent of durian from pervading the air. After cutting the fruit open, store it in an airtight container. This method not only helps to control the odour, but it also helps to keep the fruit fresher for longer, allowing you to store it for later use.

5. Pour baking soda into a bowl

Baking soda is another kitchen essential that is frequently used for cleaning. It not only cleans your kitchen appliances, but it also absorbs the stink of durian. If you want to get rid of the durian smell in your refrigerator, try this method.

The first step is to acquire an empty basin and fill it halfway with baking soda. Then, to get rid of the odour, put it in the refrigerator for a day or two. To increase the efficacy of the fridge, install a few more bowls in different spots.

6. Place lemon wedges in the refrigerator

Another natural approach to freshen up your refrigerator? Make use of a lemon. Cut a fresh lemon into wedges first. Then, to get rid of the odour, lay the lemon slices in various places of the fridge. If you don’t have a lemon on hand, other citrus fruits such as orange, lime, and grapefruit can be used.

7. Deodorise with coffee ground or used tea bags

Do you enjoy coffee? Remember not to throw away the remaining coffee grounds the next time you brew your favourite cup of joe because they can be utilised as a deodorizer. Before putting the coffee ground in a breathable sachet, it must first be air dried. Put it in the fridge to get rid of any lingering durian odour.

Are you a coffee snob? Tea bags that have been used previously also perform well. Collect a few discarded tea bags and place them in an empty container. After that, keep it in your refrigerator for a few days. Alternatively, place numerous tea bags in different parts of the refrigerator. In no time, the nasty odour will be gone.

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