Aeroville Vegetable Market in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

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Are you looking for fresh vegetables in Kuching at wholesale price? Then you can pay a visit to Aeroville Vegetable market. It’s near Kuching International Airport. Here you will get almost all the locally grown fresh vegetables at a lower price than the supermarket. If you want to buy in large quantity then you can haggle with the traders and can get a better price.


Aeroville Vegetable Market –

This is an evening market and opened everyday at 4 PM to 9 PM. So if you want some fresh bites of vegetables you can come here. Moreover it feels good to support the local farmers. You will get a lot of different kind of organic vegetables which you may not find elsewhere.



Besides vegetables you will get a lot of fresh leafy products which will be an amazing nourishment in your daily diet. Sometimes its a bit difficult to find a space in the carpark due to huge traffic. But once you visit you will love it. If you want to enjoy this fresh vegetables by not going out from home then you can order them at and they will deliver you on the same day right to your doorstep.

Rambutan –

Beside Fresh vegetables you will also get some seasonal local fresh fruits at a good price and they are amazing. 

Bags of Vegetable –

You can spot farmers coming with their van loaded with their harvests and selling them off to the traders and customers.

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