What is popcat and why is it viral?

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popcat is currently the most popular hashtag on Twitter, with almost 400k tweets so far, but what precisely is it? Popcat.click is a competitive clicker web game where the goal is to get as many clicks as possible. The scoreboard is divided by countries, with netizens from the top countries vying for the top spot.

Netizens from all around the world are making memes about the website, with many seeing comparisons between the Olympics’ competitive patriotism and this game.

As the time of writing this article Thailand is ranked number 1 with gold medal, Taiwan is number 2 with silver medal & Malaysia has the 3rd place with bronze medal.

Joshua Rainbow, Edward Halls, and Freddy Heppell, three computer scientists from the University of Sheffield, created the website. The initiative began in December 2020, became viral in April 2021, and is seeing a revival this week, with millions of visitors to the page.

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