Klinik Dr Ko Skin Specialist in Kuching Sarawak

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Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Centre, founded in 1997 by Dr. Ko Chung Beng, has been delivering a broad variety of in-depth services ranging from dermatology to cosmetic surgery.

Join on them on a quest to rediscover your natural beauty and reclaim your self-assurance. They have experienced employees with a positive and willing attitude in addition to current equipment and procedures. You’ll get the best therapy and outcome if you have a thorough understanding of your disease.

Inside Klinik Dr Ko

The original Ko Skin Specialist clinic, which opened in 1997, was a small clinic in Klang. The small clinic has now evolved into the headquarters for all 30 divisions of Ko Skin Specialist Centres around the country, with her own line of skincare goods on the market and the most comprehensive variety of laser therapy in Asia.

Website: https://www.koskinspecialist.com

Leading Skin and Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia | KL – Ko Skin Specialist

Phone: 082-362 026

Address: 1st Floor Lot 16821, Jalan Canna, Jalan Tabuan Tranquility, Phase 1, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak

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