Top 5 places to go hiking in Kuching

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Have you ever considered going trekking on the weekends but are unsure if you’ll be able to go?
You Should Visit These 5 Hiking Spots Around Kuching

1) Mount Santubong

Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang, Penjaga Gunung Negeri Sarawak 

Mount Santubong is an economical vacation for people who enjoy a challenge! Hikers should follow the trail to the summit of Mount Santubong, which is 45 minutes from Kuching City, and hike in groups to prevent getting lost.

santubong ku

2) Mount Serapi

The antenna of the radio transmission centre at the top of Mount Serapi can be seen from afar. Mount Serapi, on the other hand, is one of Kuching’s climbing locations!

Mount Serapi is located in Kubah National Park, which is around 30 minutes from Kuching. Hiking can begin at Taman Negara Kubah or along the road track that leads directly to Mount Serapi’s top.

There are seven different types of pathways to climb, the longest of which is the trail to the top of Mount Serapi, which takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.


3) Mount Singai

Kuching City is also only 30 minutes away from Mount Singai. Mount Singai is a popular choice for hikers who are new to the sport because it is not as difficult as other mountains. This hike is ideal for first-time hikers!

The view from the top of Mount Singai is also incredibly relaxing because you can observe the natural beauty of the surrounding flora and animals.


4) Mount Jagoi | Bung Jagoi

Because to its proximity to Indonesia, Bung Jagoi is close to Serikin, which is a popular shopping destination.

Bidayuh Jagoi used to live in Puncak Bung Jagoi, according to legend. The Bidayuh Jagoi have now moved around the foot of the mountain in the Kampung Jagoi area.

Bung Jagoi currently has a Heritage Center to help preserve Bidayuh Jagoi’s distinct history.

If you wish to go hiking in Bung Jagoi, don’t be concerned about the difficult trails because there are steps for you to climb comfortably!


5) Bukit Gondol

Bukit Gondol, near Pugu Beach, approximately 90 minutes from Kuching. Although it is only a hill and therefore less difficult than other hiking sites, you will indirectly warm up before ascending it because you must walk for a few kilometres along the beach before reaching the foot of the gondola hill.

The Gondola Hill has a great perspective of the South China Sea and is a great place to watch the Milky Way at night.




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