How to go to Golden Beach in Kuching?

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Trombol Beach (also known as Golden Beach), about a half-hour drive from Kuching, is a charming but little-known resort.

This apparently unending stretch of sand is paradise for photographers and models.
Trombol Beach has a post-apocalyptic feel to it, with its backdrop of small islands (including Satang Island).

It’s frighteningly picturesque, with uprooted trees strewn across the parched sand, abandoned wrecked boats decaying away, and rubbish lining the 10-kilometer coastline.

Michelle and I had the entire beach to ourselves at Trombol. There was simply no one else around!

Getting there -use Waze to look for ‘Golden Beach’ (the entrance is already closed, but we discovered how locals get to the beach) -find the telecoms tower, which is highlighted on the displayed map.

Ask the locals; they are really helpful and provided us directions to Trombol Beach: park your car at the tower and walk for about 5 minutes through the jungle. You’ll arrive out of nowhere in Trombol Beach.


Tip: Because the trek through the forest is crowded with mosquitoes, I recommend wearing long pants and insect repellant. There’s a chance you’ll get bitten by sandflies as soon as you go onto the beach.


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