5 best halal restaurants in Kuching Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the most popular Muslim travel destinations in the world. A growing number of people come to Sarawak’s ‘City of Cats’ for its colonial history and easy access to the jungle. Here are some of our favourite halal-friendly restaurants in Kuching where you can experience some of Sarawak’s best cuisine.

1. Jubilee Restaurant

Jubilee Restaurant, one of Kuching’s oldest halal eateries, is located in the heart of Kuching’s Indian Muslim sector. They offer the traditional Indian favourites in a frenetic local style environment after opening in 1974 and bringing their chef from Madras. For a more full dinner, request the recommended nasi biryani (fried rice with chicken or lamb) from a vast selection of fried rice options. Roti canai or roti susu are good options for a light snack. Roti susu is a sweet pancake with a thin layer of condensed milk on top.

2. Mom’s Laksa Café

Laksa is a noodle soup that is popular in Malaysia. Sarawak Laksa is the most well-known dish in the Bornean state. This neighbourhood Kopitiam (coffee shop) is often crowded. For first-time visitors who want to experience the regional delicacy while remaining comfortable in the knowing that it is halal, we recommend Mom’s Laksa. For a few ringgits, you can have fresh prawns and shredded chicken in a substantial soup with vermicelli noodles.

3. Rumah Hijau

Rumah Hijau means “green house” in English, which is appropriate given that the external walls are painted green. This family-owned restaurant, which opened in 2009, serves Malaysian and Sarawakian cuisine to Kuching residents. Spicy foods don’t have the same lengthy burn as other cuisines, so you can get a greater taste of some of their specialties. Order nasi ayam penyet (chicken and rice) or nasi lemak, Malaysia’s national dish. Lunchtime is the busiest time, with most of the tables inside the classy chic décor taken.

4. Warung Nasi Kuning

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country, and its cuisine is known for its rendang, spiciness, and rice-based meals. The best Indonesian food is served by cooks from their nation for the expat population at Warung Nasi Kuning in Kuching. Check them out for a meal of hot rendang with yellow rice.

5.Sepinang Sari Café & Restaurant

Sepinang Sari is a popular dish in the area. Long lines of hungry residents wait for their dose around lunchtime at the basic restaurant, which is both clean and inexpensive. For a gourmet delight, try their specialty dish, Mi Sapi Haji Salleh (a Malay-style beef noodle soup). Try to avoid peak hours while ordering: the food could take up to 30 minutes to arrive!

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