How to go to Kapit Division from Kuching?

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Kapit Division includes the Districts of Kapit, Song, Belaga and Bukit Mabong. The Rejang River, at 551 km, the longest river Malaysia and its upper tributaries Batang Baleh, Batang Katisbas, Batang Balui and Belaga River flows through the division. These rivers are the main means of transportation for the people.

Kapit and Song are accessible from Sibu by express boats (First Class RM 35, Second Class Rm 30 and Economy class Rm 25).  Belaga, in the upper reaches of the Rejang is also accessible by express boats (RM 55) and alternatively, visitors can take the road from Bintulu (approximately 4 hours).


Travelling up the Rejang River offers a unique experience. The river and its tributaries are lined by spectacular jungle scenery with scores of Iban longhouses


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