Best beaches to visit in Miri

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Miri is the second largest city of Sarawak and also well known for its beautiful beaches. Miri is blessed with abundant sunshine and a tropical climate which allows you to enjoy its beautiful beaches and active lifestyle.

Here is the list of some of the best beaches in Miri:


Luak Bay, Miri

Luak Bay is a short drive from Miri City Centre. Beachlovers may enjoy the clean and photogenic Luak Bay that has an attractive white sand beach, making it a popular spot for picnics and barbecues, and probably the best spot in Miri to enjoy the spectacular tropical sunsets. Locals enjoy going down to the beach in the evening to watch the sunset. Driving or taking a taxi to the beach is the quickest way to get there. For the more budget-conscious tourists, bus number 13 drops passengers off within walking distance of Luak Bay.


Hawaii Beach, Miri

Located in Kampong Bakam approximately 15 minutes from Miri City Centre, the entrance is near the bus stop in the village, and a wooden footbridge connects it to the palm-fringed beach. For a small charge, picnic and BBQ facilities can be provided. To reach there, take a taxi or the Miri bus no 13.



Brighton Beach also known as Tanjung Lobang, is an ideal spot for watching the sunset. The city’s oldest recreation area, located just five kilometres (3.1 miles) south of Miri, is still a favourite place for families, joggers, and tourists.

Enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and the unique seahorse lighthouse at Miri Marina (the seahorse is the city emblem of Miri). Taman Selera, a food centre, is located here and serves meals including fresh seafood while enjoying a beautiful sunset and sea wind.


Tusan Beach, Miri

Tusan Beach, located 40km off the city centre is known for its long white sandy beach. Dinoflagellates, small bioluminescent microorganisms, turn the water a dazzling blue colour when the conditions are appropriate. Tusan Beach is a wonderful place to unwind and rest, as well as a photographer’s paradise.



Bungai Beach is about an hour’s drive from Miri and is located near Kampung Bungai in Bekenu. Beachgoers go to Bungai Beach because of the stunning beach, clear waters, and natural beauty of the surrounds. It’s rather remote and a fantastic place to get away from the city’s busy life.






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