Top 3 Beautiful Mosques in Miri

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Islam is one of the most widely followed religions in Miri, with Malays and a small number of other races following it. The mosques, which have exquisite Islamic design aspects, where they perform their daily prayers. Here are some of Miri’s most beautiful mosques:


Masjid At-Taqwa

The At-Taqwa Mosque, one of Miri’s largest mosques, was established about 30 years ago. The mosque, which is located near the Permaisuri Mall on Persekutuan Road and Kipas Road, has meeting rooms, a religious library, and funeral preparation facilities, and is routinely frequented by many people in the city for prayers and other events. One of Miri’s most photographed mosques is the At-Taqwa Mosque.


Masjid Jamek Miri

It is the oldest mosque in Miri, having been built in 1955. This masjid is popular with budget travellers who are new to the city and don’t know where to go. Every Friday night after kuliah maghrib, a decent dinner is offered not only to the jemaah but also to passers-by of all races and religions. The prayer room is air conditioned. The mosque entrance is just a few steps from from North Yu Seng Road, which hosts the majority of Miri’s nightlife.


Masjid Annaim, Lutong

The largest masjid in the area north of Miri, from Kuala Baram to Sungai Tujuh. The masjid is in Lutong town, about 20 kilometres from Miri city. Lutong is home to Petronas Carigali and Shell Sarawak, and as a result, you may see fancy foreign automobiles filling up the parking lot every Friday. Within 2-3 minutes walking distance from the mosque you find MYY mall is right in front of the entrance to the mosque.



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