Pack your bags for Sabah, Borneo

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1. Mount Kinabalu

  Sabah’s Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu in Bahasa) is Borneo’s and Malaysia’s tallest peak. Travelers to Sabah immediately notice Kinabalu featuring on the state flag. It holds both deep ties to local Kazadan-Dusun indigenous people and ancient paganism. Climbing Mount Kinabalu is a two-day affair. Day one involves hiking 3,272 meters (10,735 feet) to a hostel in Laban Rata. The second day starts at 2:00am to reach the summit in time for the sunrise. Keep your eyes open for the changing landscapes, flowers and wildlife.


2. Kinabalu Park

  Kinabalu Park became Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Covering an area of 754 square kilometers, the national park surrounds Mount Kinabalu in northwest Sabah. More than 5,000 plants grow inside its borders, Over 300 birds, 100 species of mammals and several species of monkeys call Kinabalu Park home.


3. Kota Kinabalu

  Kota Kinabalu, literally City of Kinabalu, is Sabah’s capital along the South China Sea. Travelers can visit the almost mirage-like Floating Mosque and stroll along the 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) Likas Bay. Or head to Signal Hill Observatory Platform for stunning views over KK.


4. Danum Valley

  Borneo’s globally acclaimed reputation for biodiversity can be attributed to Danum Valley in East Sabah. Located two hours into the 130-million-year-old rainforest from the nearest town Lahad Datu, the protected area has remained free of human settlements. This means the jungle is still the same today as it was millions of years ago.


5. Bohey Dulang

  Bohey Dulang on Bodhgaya Island in East Sabah’s Celebes Sea has a stunning sapphire-blue lagoon. White-beaches line the coastlines with a thick jungle spreading over the center. Hike to its peak at 353 meters (1,158 feet) for the best views of the lagoon.

Author: Tamim Saad Alberuny

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