Top 3 waterfalls to visit in Kuching, Malaysia

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1. The Kubah National Park Waterfall

  The only thing better than hiking through Sarawak’s jungles is finding yourself with a gorgeous waterfall to cool off in at the end of the trail. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Kubah National Park, where the aptly named Waterfall Trail leads you for 1.5 hours through the rainforest to a set of wide falls. The trail includes wooden walkways crossing babbling streams and peaty bogs, and gives you fantastic opportunities to spot some of the vibrant birds that call the forests of Kubah home – from the Asian paradise flycatcher to the crimson sunbird. At the Matang Wildlife Centre, a population of wild orangutans, many of them rescued from the pet trade and rehabilitated, roam 180 hectares of wilderness, alongside other unique animals like sun bears. These sleepy-looking ursids like to hang out in trees, and can often be spotted lazing on a branch, sunbathing or napping. The best thing about Kubah’s Waterfall Trail is that it’s only around half an hour’s drive from the city of Kuching

The Entrance fee is RM10 per adult.




2. Gunung Gading Waterfall

  Another waterfall hike accessible as a day trip from the city, Gunung Gading is around two hours’ drive from the state capital of Kuching. Like Kudah, Gunung Gading National Park has a dedicated Waterfall Trail, although this one takes in not just one set of falls, but a whopping seven. Several of them run into natural swimming pools, meaning there’s no shortage of places to cool off along the way. About 1.5 hours drive from Kuching to the small town of Lundu. There are signboard along the way, so you will never get lost.

The Entrance fee is RM10 per adult.


3. The Santubong Waterfall

  Santubong is located on the North of the Kuching city, with just 35KM away from town. A 45 minutes car ride to reach the Santubong Mountain. The entrance is before the Santubong resort, and on the right there will be a power station, the entrance is just next to the power station.

Entrance Fee isfree of charge, only require you to register your time in, and time out.

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