Top 7 Outdoor Adventures in Thailand

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  No don’t need to tell what an amazingly scary experience skydiving is; if you’re looking to inject your vacation with pure adrenaline, this is the extreme. The weather is Thailand is good 365 days a year, so that means there is jumping every single day. Strap yourself to a jumpmaster, and experience the thrill of a lifetime.



2.Rock climbing at Tonsai Beach

  Thailand’s most spectacular beaches are the ones at Railay in Krabi province. The impressive limestone rocks, stretching out hundreds of meters from beyond the surface of the water, are popular among rock climbers the world over. Ton Sai Beach is especially popular among adventurous backpackers that are interested in learning rock climbing or those who are looking for a slightly more challenging stay. Take private lessons on the beach or go Deep Water Soloing, a form of solo rock climbing that involves climbing cliffs above the water and without a rope.



  Once upon a time, I used to be a beach bum and a kiteboarder. Although I feel that me doing that was a lifetime ago, let me tell you that there are very little things that you can compare to the adrenaline and enjoyment of kiting on a good day. The wind, the sunshine, and the fun waves to ride. If you love surfing and other water sports, try your luck at kiteboarding. Trust me, you will love it! Luckily, Thailand has a lot of places where you can try out kiteboarding as it has such the ideal climate along with strong vigorous winds.




  When you’re done zipping through the air at Flight of the Gibbon, why not fly across the water next? At Taco Lake, located 40 minutes away from Bangkok’s city center, you’ll clutch a tow rope attached to a metal cable that whips you around on a wakeboard, kneeboard or water skis. While this activity is great fun for newcomers to extreme water sports, there are also ramp installations for more experienced riders to try their hand at jumps and tricks.


5.Zip Lining

  From the sea to the sky, our next adventure takes you through the canopies of the Chiang Mai rainforests. You’ll ride in your single-person swing and cruise a cable suspended through the 1500-year old Thai rainforest. Upgrade from a single swing to the complete adventure package offered by Flight of the Gibbon, and you can rock climb, mountain bike and stay in authentic Thai village home stays.



  With more than 120 National Parks, Thailand is rightly considered by many as a great place for adventurous jungle treks; something we highly recommend. We participated in several of them.


7.Whitewater Rafting

  Relatively new to the Thai tourist market, whitewater rafting is quickly being added to many adventure trek itineraries. Rush the rapids in Southern Thailand’s Phang Na province, and you’re guaranteed an exhilarating ride. Book with Phuket Tours, and you’ll score a visit to the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary and an elephant ride through the jungle.

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