Suramadu Bridge, Indonesia

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  Suramadu Bridge (Indonesian: Jembatan Suramadu) is located in East Java, Indonesia. It crosses Madura Strait and connects Java Island (in Surabaya) and Madura Island (in Bangkalan). It is also called Surabaya–Madura Bridge, and is the first cross-sea bridge to cross the Madura Strait.

  The bridge is 3.4 mi (5.4 km) long and has a longest span of 1424 ft (434 m). It was built on August 20, 2003 and officially opened to traffic on June 10, 2009. It cost 4.5 trillion Rp (US$445 million).


  The idea of a bridge connecting Surabaya with Madura is said to have first been proposed in the early 1960s by the well-known Indonesian engineer Professor Sedyatmo from the Bandung Institute of Technology Later, in the mid-1980s, there was renewed interest in the project when staff from the National Development Planning Bureau (Bappenas ) met with Japanese aid donors to discuss construction of a bridge. A pre- feasibility study was prepared in early 1990 and in December 1990, President Suharto appointed a team of ministers and advisers to consider plans for the bridge. Later, a consortium consisting on the Indonesian state-owned firm PT Jasa Marga and other Indonesian firms along with Japanese firms (Mitsubishi Corporation , Itochu, Shimizu,  and the Long Term Credit Bank) was established to proceed with the bridge.

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