Top 3 places to visit in Malang, Indonesia

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1.Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan Malang

  Imagine wandering through narrow streets where each house is a different color — bright pink, neon yellow, electric blue. You look up to see rainbow umbrellas strung above your head and murals on either side if you. Walking around the Jodipan neighborhood in Malang is a delightfully artsy experience.

  These colorful villages in the middle of Malang on the island of Java.


2.Jawa Timur Park 3

  Jatim Park 3 or Jawa Timur Park 3 is a cool theme park that you must visit when you are in Batu City, East Java.

  Jatim Park 3 comes with sophisticated technology, but wrapped in a cool natural atmosphere. It’s really suitable for traveling with family, because it’s child friendly.

  It is unfortunate that currently Jatim Park 3 tourism is still temporarily closed, until an undetermined time limit. The following is a description or description of Jatim Park 3 that we can convey.


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3.Hawai Waterpark

  On vacation to Malang, take the family on a trip to one of the biggest water games in the city. Hawaii Waterpark Malang offers a variety of fun for the price of admission to Hawaii Waterpark Malang is also still relatively affordable.

  This tourist spot has many fun water rides to try. Not only for children, Hawaii Waterpark Malang is also suitable for teenage and adult visitors. Visitors can find various kinds of water themed games here. Call it Open Spiral Slide, Hula-hula Slide or also Ekolu Slide.

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