Top 4 places for Shopping in Bali Indonesia

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1.Kuta Beachwalk

  This is an extraordinarily comfortable and leisurely shopping mall in Bali. Established in an area of almost 4 hectares and 250m of street length, this shopping complex houses multiple brands of international standards, numerous world-class restaurants, entertainment facilities, and franchises.

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2.The Mall Bali Galeria

  Mall Bali Galeria is an extensive and very complete shopping mall complex in Bali. Due to there are many department stores, places to eat and drink, playgrounds, supermarkets, and a large vehicle parking area.

  Almost every day, the Mall Bali Galeria is always crowded with visitors for shopping. At Mall Bali Galeria, there is also an open garden. So visitors can sit back in the park for a while after getting around the shopping Mall.


3.Taman Sari Market

  Taman Sari Market is a traditional Bali shopping market in the Seminyak area. It is one of the very few markets of its kind in the area and offers fresh tropical fruits at low prices. It is easily accessible from the region’s many resorts and villas and thus a popular stopover for travellers.

  During the morning, you can buy mangoes, bananas and mangosteen from the market and after sundown, you can enjoy delicious street food like Bakso (meatball soup), grilled satay, and rice porridge.


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4.Ubud Art Market

  In addition to the shop in Kuta Bali, Ubud’s shopping places are also included in the list of top ten shopping places in Bali. One of the best places to buy Bali merchandise in Ubud at low prices is at the Ubud Art Market. Balinese handicrafts that you will find in the Ubud Art market, such as. Silk scarves, T-shirts, beach fabrics, shirt clothes, bags, baskets or traditional Balinese hats, carvings, wooden statues, kites, and many other types of goods other handicrafts that I can’t mention one by one.

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