Indonesian Air Force

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  The Indonesian Air Force (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU), literally “Indonesian National Military-Air Force”) sometimes shortened as IDAF / IdAF, is the aerial branch of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. The Indonesian Air Force is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and is headed by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara – KSAU or KASAU). Its order of battle is split into three Air Force Operational Commands (Komando Operasi TNI Angkatan Udara /KOOPSAU). Most of its airbases are located on the island of Java.[3] The Indonesian Air Force also has its ground force unit, called Air Force Special Forces Corps (Paskhas).

It was founded in 9 April 1946; 75 years ago. The Air force consist of 37,850 personnels and 224 aircrafts 

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