How to rent a motorcycle in Bali, Indonesia

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  The majority of rented motorcycles in Bali are the ‘underbone’ and scooter type – mostly Hondas and Yamahas. The most popular models are Honda’s user-friendly offerings with automatic gears, like the Vario, BeAT and Scoopyscooters. As most only have 110 or 125cc engines, they’re lightweight and easy to control, especially in heavy traffic.

  The major beach resort areas like Kuta, Sanur and Jimbaran all have rental stalls run and owned by locals, as do some of the more remote but interesting spots like Candidasa in East Bali. Look out for parked bikes with signs hung over theirnumber plates or handlebars reading, “Motorbikes for Rent” or “Car and Motorcycle Rental”, as most of these places offer both.

  You can choose from daily rentals to an agreed upon return time and date, or even a convenient rendezvous drop off at your hotel. Hotels are usually able to arrange a bike through the concierge, or you can walk into a warung (local roadside cafe) offering rentals and ask.

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