Top 5 advices for travellers before arriving to Bali, Indonesia

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1.Get the right visa

For most travellers, there are three main kinds of visa available. The free-entry visa is non-extendable, so if you think you might end up staying longer than 30 days you should pay for the extendable visa on arrival (US$35.00), or get a 60-day visa before leaving home.



Try not to visit Bali during Saka New Year, or Nyepi Day (specific dates are based on the Saka lunar calendar, but usually takes place in March).


3.Carry cash with you!

A lot of restaurants, stalls, markets and travel agencies will be cash only so it’s a good idea to have money on you. Obviously you don’t want to be carrying a LOT of cash around but just be wary of having enough on you. ATM’s aren’tcommon in Indonesia, particularly if you venture off to one of the neighbouring islands.


4.SIM Cards

If you want to stay connected during your trip we recommend getting a local SIM card with data. We found the Wi-Fi in Bali to be slightly unreliable – not the worst we’ve had, but it wasn’t great either and cut in and out quite a lot.

Although you can buy a SIM card when you arrive at Denpasar airport, they are massively overpriced in order to trick tourists into spending more than they need to. It’s easy to find a local SIM card somewhere like Ubud if you wander between shops and ask to buy one. Make sure to shop around to get the best deal as different places will offer different things.


5.They use a lot of sugar syrups in Bali.

If you are wanting a healthy shake or juice, be sure to ask for no sugar when ordering. Some don’t list it on the ingredients but will put it in anyway, unless you say otherwise.

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