Royal Brunei Police Force

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  The signing of the 1906 treaty between Brunei Darussalam and United Kingdom laid down the foundation of new government with the formal introduction of the British Resident. Among McArthur’s first acts as British Resident was the introduction of the first officers to police Brunei. The first group was made up of one Pathan and one Sikh before a detachment of Sikhs was seconded from the Straits Settlement government in Labuan. These seconded officers form Labuan were eventually replaced by local Malays.

  Sergeant Crummy was appointed as the first Chief Police Officer of Brunei Darussalam.

  The Brunei Police Force was founded under G McAfee who also continued as Chief Police Officer for Labuan. Chief Inspector McAfee was appointed as the Brunei CPO in 1917. These seconded officers from Labuan were eventually replaced by local Malays.

  The Brunei Police was officially formed on January 1, 1921 immediately after the 1920 Police Enactment was passed. The local force took over all responsibilities from the Police Force of the Straits Settlement.

  In 1950 the Police headquarters was moved to Kuala Belait and the CPO was answerable to the of CP of Sarawak.

  With the introduction of Brunei’s own Constitution, this required the sultanate to have its own Commissioner of Police and no longer having to report to the CP Sarawak.

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