Thing you should never do in Brunei

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  While almost every country bans certain drugs, Brunei is on an entirely different level. Possession usually meets a mandatory death sentence. And, believe it or not, having everyday over-the-counter or prescription medication might be illegal in Brunei too. Double and triple check everything before a trip in the same way as you would before visiting Dubai or the Middle East.


2.Overstaying your visa

  In 2018, nationalities from 55 countries enjoy visa-free access to the tiny Sultanate. According to, anyone overstaying the visa ‘faces strict penalties’. Depending on the reasons and circumstances, punishments can range from a fine or short prison sentence, to caning.



  As with most Muslim countries, possession and distribution of pornography is strictly illegal in Brunei. The definition and criteria vary depending on who you ask. And some might think that a bikini selfie in the Maldives might be considered pornographic. The whole concept of sex in Brunei is very different to Europe and the West. Just be careful and mindful of your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!



  Committing adultery is a big no-no. It is considered illegal in Brunei and can carry an archaic punishment such as stoning to death. This law is unlikely to affect tourists unless it involves a Bruneian or a Muslim.



  Sadly, homosexuality is strictly illegal in Brunei. Even if it’s consensual, it’s still against the law. In recent years, the Sultanate has come under scrutiny for wanting to punish those found guilty with death. However, it’s still unclear whatthe status is as of 2018 and how it will affect non-citizens. Close contact between members of the same sex is quite common. Just don’t display any outward affection and you should be fine.


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