Top 5 places to eat Laksa Sarawak in Kuching?

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1.Mom’s Laksa Cafe

  The only franchise in our list, Mom’s Laksa proves there is a reason why their Sarawak Laksa is so beloved that the brand had to set-up four different outlets.

  The laksa served here is thicker and creamier than its counterparts, and boasts a generous helping of big prawns too in every serving. With its many outlets, you can get your laksa fix in any part of the town at (almost) anytime!


2.Choon Hui Cafe

  In honour of Bourdain, kicking-off this list is Choon Hui Café, where the laksa stall the chef fell in love with in 2005, still stands to this day.

  Since then, Bourdain has returned to the coffee shop off Jalan Ban Hock many times, even buying a round of meals for everyone in the restaurant during one visit.


3.Lau Ya Keng

  What was formerly an outdoor theatre in the olden days is now a bustling food court catering to tourists and locals alike.

  In the food court is a Sarawak Laksa stall called Mei Xin, serving delicious laksa that some might say caters more to the tourist’s tongue than the local’s.

  Flanked by stalls selling other Sarawak delicacies, Mei Xin’s Sarawak Laksa holds its ground with flavours perfect for those who prefer laksa on the lighter side.


4.Teresa Laksa

  If you’re having a night time craving for Sarawak Laksa, well, you know you can make a beeline for Teresa Laksa.

  Located right by the Tune Hotel Kuching, Teresa has withstood the test of time for almost two decades, and has customers returning from far and wide for a bowl.


5.Chong Choon Café

  Chong Choon Café is a famous spot amongst families, who throng the place in the mornings for a wide assortment of Sarawak fare.

  A definite crowd puller is the Sarawak Laksa at Poh Lam, which comes with fully-peeled juicy prawns. The ambience is perfect to enjoy the laksa too, as the area is both airy and spacious.

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