Top 5 places to go hiking in Singapore

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1.MacRitchie Reservoir

  Singapore’s oldest and most popular nature park is a haven for joggers, families and weekend strollers. The highlight is the HSBC TreeTop Walk, a suspension bridge positioned 25m above the forest floor, which connects the two highest points in the reserve and offers splendid panoramic views. Traffic on the bridge is one-way, so there’s literally no turning back.

  Wildlife – from flying lemurs to tree frogs and pangolins – is abundant but rarely seen. Long-tailed macaque monkeys are more common, but be wary: they can be quite ferocious, as they’re used to being fed by irresponsible visitors.



2.Windsor Nature Park

  A combination of three different trails amounting to a distance of 3.85 kilometers, Windsor Nature Park provides a hiking experience filled with greenery, boardwalks, cobblestones, and freshwater streams. The Hanguana, Squirrel, and Drongo trail provide leisurely walks through the dense vegetation, wildlife, and rare plants and trees. Also, hikers can trek to the Treetop Walk, which is a 250 meters suspension bridge offering a panoramic view of the forest.



3.Bukit Batok Hill

  The Bukit Batok Hill is an easy trail that runs through Bukit Batok Nature Park. The trail starts from an abandoned quarry that dates back to 1988 and ends at the top of the Bukit Batok Hill. You can walk through the foliage of a secondary forest and discover the rich flora and fauna including monitor lizards, macaques, birds and a plethora of native trees.

  On the trail, you also pass through a small stream that stems from the top of the hill and runs through the park. Several types of fish, frogs and other small reptiles can be seen along the stream. The trail is an ideal way to spend your weekend in Singapore with family.



4.Singapore Botanic Gardens

  Singapore Botanic Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden to make it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most of this park is generally flat and so it’s perfect for picnics and chill walks. 2021 brings a couple of new reasons to visit — three new display houses at the National Orchid Garden were unveiled in April this year. The Sembcorp Cool House, which features Asia’s largest collection of high elevation montane orchids, has been likened to a mini Gardens by the Bay.



5.Jurong Lake Gardens

  The sprawling Jurong Lake Gardens is a beauty to explore. Made up of the Chinese and Japanese Gardens (both undergoing renovation works), as well as Lakeside Gardens, this lush, west-side park is perfect for families, nature enthusiasts and everyone in between. Walk across the Jurong

  Lake boardwalk to spot wildlife (maybe an otter or two!), admire the view from Rasau Walk and snap your best pics gallivanting around the grasslands.

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