Top 5 car showrooms in Singapore

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1.Asia Carz

  At Asia Carz, you’ll find a wide range of pre-owned cars, suitable for any lifestyle. Each one from their selection was carefully examined to ensure the highest quality as well as safety standards.

Their best used cars in Singapore are offered with manageable payment methods. This includes pre-approved bank loans and even in-house loans at reasonable rates.



2.Direct Cars

  An intermediary between automobile purchasers and sellers, Direct Cars functions as a connection point. This website allows you to get the best prices on cars in Singapore by purchasing, selling, or scrapping yours.

Over 300 new and used automobile dealers in Singapore collaborate with Direct Cars to provide you with the best deal.

There is no charge to sign up for Direct Car. As a referral bonus, Direct Cars gets a little percentage of each sale.




  Carle is also one of the most reliable dealers for new cars in Singapore. Suppose you are looking for new mid-range models from Toyota and Honda, Carle is an incredible choice. The most beneficial advantage of buying your car from Carle is the in-house customization. You can immediately alter rims, body kits, and leather seats of your purchased car without having to lose your car’s warranty.



4.Cars & Stars

  For 13 years, Cars & Stars has been raising the standard of parallel import car retailing with its hand-picked and value- for-money car selections, tailored and flexible packages, and unparalleled customer service, and after-sales service.

Established in 2007 and now considered as one of the leading parallel importers in Singapore, Cars & Stars has also been well-known for offering the best prices for Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz & Tesla Cars. Their delivery rate has always been maintained at 100% and they bring the most responsive, action-driven, and hassle-free after-sales service to all their customers.



5.SG Car Choice

  SG Car Choice is one of the most reliable sales points if you are in search of budget cars at affordable prices. You can choose your car from regularly available models of Honda and Toyota at SG Car Choice. SG Dealers also promise money- back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the car or their services. However, we advise you to go through the terms and conditions of their money-back guarantee thoroughly before car purchase.

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