Top 5 ice cream spots in Singapore

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1.Sunday Folks

  Famous for its ice cream and waffles, this Holland Village hangout takes pride in its handcrafted pints made fresh with no preservatives. To sweeten up your day, get your hands on artisanal varieties like espresso rum, Ferrero rocky road and raspberry rose with lychee.



2.Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Singapore

  This dessert spot doesn’t disappoint when it comes to feeding your sweet tooth and ice cream cravings. There is an array of unique handmade ice cream flavours to pick between such as matcha, berry cheesecake, rum cookie dough, caramel banana banoffee, just to name a few. For some extra indulgence, order the Nutella lava cookie which is melted and gooey, smothered in decadent ice cream and chocolate sauce. No need to wait to go to the store, they offer free island wide delivery on bundles, order via the Creamery Singapore website.




  Primarily an artisanal gelato café, Geometry prides itself on crafting fresh, natural and unique handmade gelato. To keep things fresh, Geometry is also constantly innovating to release new flavours on their gelato menu.

  Uniquely, Geometry infuses local flavours with pre-existing classic tastes. An example of this would be their ‘Strawberry Pocky’ flavour. By innovating and pushing the boundaries, Geometry offers gelato flavours that are exciting yet familiar. In addition, Geometry can feature their fresh gelato at event venues as well. If you have an upcoming event, you can count on Geometry to provide amazing desserts as the cherry on top. Committed to innovation, service, and delivery, Geometry is truly deserving to top our list of the best ice cream shops in Singapore!



4.The Daily Scoop

  Most of us have visited a store or two during our youth at the Daily Scoop, Singapore’s best ice cream shop and one that has been around since the beginning.

  The familiar ice cream shop began as a modest operation that served timeless classics before branching out into creative experiments, such as the Chili Choc, Carrot Cake, and even Maple Crisp. For those who prefer a lighter taste, they offer fruit-flavored sorbet ice creams, such as Khoyo Grape Sorbet or Mango Sorbet.

5.Kind Kones

  This vegan joint is a godsend for people on all types of diets. Indulge in this ice cream paradise while still being good to your body. They cater for dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and most other restricted diets. And, despite being vegan, the ice cream has a pleasurable taste. Think avocado coconut and black forest, classic strawberry and chocolate flavours, ice cream cookie combos, and so much more goodness. Get your order right to your doorstep now via the Kind Kones website.

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