Top food and grocery delivery in Singapore

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1.Amazon Fresh

  You don’t have to wait till the weekend to stock up on groceries—Just head on to and add all the items you need into your cart from the comfort of your bed. They even cater to all dietary needs, from organic and plant-based to kosher. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up as a Prime member to enjoy free delivery on all orders.



2.Pandamart by Foodpanda

  More than just a food delivery platform, pandamart by foodpanda is a virtual grocery store that is open 24/7. Pick up emergency supplies or tick off your weekly shopping list with ease; there are over 5,000 products across multiple categories – from fresh produce to alcohol, cleaning products to household supplies. With no middle man involved, each order can be delivered in as fast as 30 minutes.


3.Grab Supermarket

  When you’re done making orders for your lunch to be delivered, just swap to Grab Supermarket in the app to do your groceries. Grab partners with HAO a fast-growing supermarket chain in Singapore to offer next-day delivery for grocery shopping. With Grab Supermarket, consumers can choose from a broader catalogue of products and pay just one delivery fee for it. The catalogue currently carries over 5,000 items and will progressively expand the selection with another 5,000 more products ranging from fresh groceries, daily.



With the rising demand for healthy living, a healthy diet comes to play. And when people tend to lean towards processed food and canned goods, health is sorely neglected. Indeed, it is hard to find a fresh constant supply of daily essentials but it is not impossible. Here at Redmart, they sell only the best quality food essentials at a very convenient price rate. You can fully rely upon them for all kinds of day- to-day necessities, and let them do the lifting and lugging. With a minimum purchase of just $60 they even offer free delivery options.


5.Little Farms

Don’t let the moniker fool you, as its inventory is far from little. Specialising in all-natural and carefully sourced produce, Little Farms lets you fill your e-basket with assorted delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, gourmet goodies and clean free-range meats (no nasties, ever). If you’re preparing to have a feast with your fam, bag the freshest produce with free same-day delivery for any orders above $100 by 11am from Monday to Saturday.

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