Top 5 night markets in Singapore

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1.Chinatown Street Market

  Chinatowns, all over the world, have something unique for tourists and locals alike. In Singapore, it is the Chinatown street market. Though this is one of the few night markets in Singapore that are open throughout the day, the best time to visit is after dusk. The incredibly bright lights make the place both alluring and Instagram worthy. You will find all kinds of Chinese goods at this place, from authentic Chinese art to second-hand Chinese cell phones. There’s only one rule- haggle all you can!



2.Bugis Street Market

  Bugis Street Market is easily the most well-known night markets in Singapore, so much so, that several other markets by the same name have cropped up at other parts of the city. The Bugis Street Market enjoyed equal if not more fame from the 1950s to the 1980s, when it was home to enthralling nightlife where transvestites and transsexuals ruled the night streets.

  Today, the market is known for very different reasons and the modern Burgis Market is a shopper’s paradise in Singapore.



3.The Little India Arcade

  The Little India Arcade is a number of shops housed in one singular building which was built in the 1920s. This building is home to a number of renovated restaurants, bookshops, and shops. This location is favorable amongst locals and international tourists and it opens from 9 am in the morning and usually closes at 10 pm at night. The building is full of amazing clothes, food, and souvenirs that you can buy for family and friends. The building is also a popular landmark and you cannot miss spending a few hours here, exploring what the market has to offer.



4.Boon Tat Street Market

Situated in the heart of the city is Boon Tat Street Market, otherwise known as Satay Street since there are chock full of stalls selling satay at this night market! Operating at night, the road closes off from 7pm onwards. In an era of endangered hawker centres due to the pressure of increasing rental costs and expensive ingredients, Boon Tat Street Food Market rises against the odds and attracts locals and tourists alike under a unified love for a classic local dish! With its convenient location, this food market is definitely one you can easily make a trip to! Soak in the buzzing atmosphere of this night market in Singapore as you wander the streets of Boon Tat with the waft of grilled chicken tempting you to buy a plate (or two) of satay!



5.Tekka Center

  Formerly known as the Tekka Pasar, this night market of Singapore started in 1915. Today, Tekka Center has become the landmark of Little India, with its multi-cultural varieties of food, clothing, accessories and more. The plaza would invite you with an array of stalls hawking jewellery, accessories, precious stones and the like. After shopping, enter the dining area on the ground floor, soaking in aromas of traditional Indian, Chinese, Malay and Sri Lankan cuisines especially seafood. The first floor is the wet market selling a massive variety of seafood, fruits and vegetables. Further on, the second floor is the central shopping zone, with collections of Indian and traditional trends on sale.

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