Top 5 beaches in Singapore

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1.Palawan Beach

  Palawan Beach is located in the center of Sentosa and is aka Sentosa beach. Palawan beach has swaying palm trees, shimmering white sand, expanses of blue green water and lively beach bars. A fun zone, Port of Lost Wonder is themed on pirate world, and is popular among kids and adults alike. The place is complete with a rope bridge, few wooden beam towers, a pirate ship, and numerous treasure boxes. This is the best beach in Singapore for swimming or even just lazy lounging.



2.East Coast Park

  However hot and humid Singapore gets, there’s always a light breeze blowing at East Coast Beach. Popular with literally everyone, this 15-kilometre stretch is perfect for early morning tai chi classes, evening jogs, or even for a moment of quiet contemplation at Bedok Jetty. Also popular with cyclists and rollerbladers, there’s no shortage of rental shops, and the numerous for rent picnic tables and barbecue pits sees many weekend parties.



3.Tanjong Beach

  If you’re looking for a beach that won’t have you worrying about breaking social distancing measures, consider Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. Sure, it’s still regularly populated but the vast amount of space means you’ll still be able to get a shaded, isolated spot under one of the many palm trees.



4.Siloso Beach

  Siloso Beach is where the action is on Sentosa. If your idea of fun in the sand includes things like canoeing, beach volleyball, or even water jet packs, this is where you should be.

  For dining and shopping options, it also doesn’t get much better than Siloso, where you’ll find everything from the standard beach eateries offering fast food and pizza to Hawaiian-themed menus, fresh fruits, and even poke bowls. Shopping outlets and cafés are dotted all throughout the coastline, offering plenty of options for when you need a break from the golden sands.



5.Changi Beach

  Want to skip Sentosa altogether but still want a taste of the white stuff? Then your best bet would be head to Changi Beach on the east coast of Singapore. More leisure park than tropical paradise, this 28-hectare area is home to a long, narrow strip of sand and well-preserved running and cycling lanes on the inside. The coastal park proves popular for fitness fanatics, families on the weekend, plane spotters (you can watch the planes landing at the nearby Changi Airport) and there are also facilities for camping and barbeques.

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