Top 5 residential area in New York, USA

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1.Fieldston, Bronx

  Fieldston is the hidden gem most New Yorkers have never heard of.

  The name of neighboring Riverdale is better known but if you haven’t lived in the borough you probably know very little about these neighbors.

  Fieldston is a much more exclusive enclave and considered a subsection of Riverdale.



2.Lower East Side

  Crowder loves the Lower East Side (LES) for its diversity. “Historically, the LES was the cultural melting pot of NYC,” she says. “It was the intersection of different communities that all immigrated into New York. It’s a good example ofwhat NYC used to look like, still existing today.” She points to Little Italy and Chinatown as thriving cultural hubs and adds that there are plenty of new restaurants and shops that contribute to the vibrant mix of the neighborhood.



3.Battery Park City

  Battery Park City, a planned community, attracts a slightly older crowd and serves as a great place to raise a family. Located along the bank of the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, the residential neighborhood made a comeback after residents were displaced for months after 9/11.



4.Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  Bay Ridge is often regarded as one of the best neighbourhoods in the coveted borough of Brooklyn.

  Homes cost a little under $1,000,000, but the going rate depends on the area, with the median price for properties listed in the neighbourhood sitting at $673,792.

  Bay Ridge has some great schools and plenty of choices to make a pick from, from elementary through high school. Crime and safety rank favourably, and the quiet and peaceful feel of the place makes for just the ideal environment for families.



5.West Village

  Karlström lives in the famed West Village, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Manhattan, away from the skyscrapers of Uptown, Midtown, and the Financial District. “It has a great neighborhood feel, with tree-lined streets filled with townhouses.

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